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Pony League Baseball for ages 3 - 18
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     Ages 3-4
     Tee Ball

     Ages 5-6
     Tee & Machine

     Ages 7-8
     Machine Pitch

     Ages 9-10
     60' Bases
     46' Pitching

     Ages 11-12
     70' Bases
     50' Pitching

     Ages 13-14
     80' Bases
     54' Pitching

     Ages 15-18
     90' Bases
     60.5' Pitching
Shetland Division - Spring 2017
Type of play: Tee & Machine (click for playing rules)
Description: Players normally use a Tee to hit the ball off of, but are allowed the option of taking swings at a pitching machine. Emphasis is on learning the game and not meant to be competitive. Scorebooks are used but only to keep track of runs scored and the batting order; scores are not announced or recorded. All players are allowed in the field on defense and coaches are allowed to be on the field to advise them. Play stops when an infielder holds up the ball. On offense all players bat. A team bats until three outs are recorded or six runs are scored. As much as possible teams are formed by neighborhood or by coach request. Each player is awarded a trophy at the end of the season.
For ages: 5 - 6 (as of 4/30/17)
Base distance: 50 feet
Registration fee: $65 (plus $10 late fee after January 31)
Season length: March 25 - May 27
Game length: 1 hour (inning in progress is completed)
Number of games: 12
Games played at: Arrowhead Park (click for map)
Teams & head coaches: Korus Bryan Korus
Ritchie Jacob Ritchie
Stayton Ted Stayton
Myers Bob Myers
Feltan John Feltan
Humes Chad Humes
Torres Raymond Torres
Staar Patrick Staar
Heinz Justin Heinz
Gryder Bobby Gryder
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