Celebrating our 55th year in Chandler, Arizona
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Chandler Youth Baseball (CYB) is a locally run, non-profit baseball league for kids, ages 3 thru 18, formed in 1969. In 1998 CYB became associated with PONY Baseball of America. PONY stands for "Protect Our Nation's Youth". PONY Baseball of America is a non-profit corporation started in 1951, and is a national competitor to the better known "Little League".

CYB is run by an all-volunteer Board of Directors elected annually by its members. We have volunteer opportunities for our parents/family members or community at whatever capacity you can participate in. So, how can YOU help? See below.



CYB is always looking for volunteer coaches at every division level. If you are interested in becoming a head coach or assistant coach, please consider applying today.  Note:  Information on our division levels is located under the “League Information” tab. 

No special training is required to coach in CYB.  However, we do provide training for coaches prior to the spring season and strongly recommend that they take advantage of it. 

The head coach is responsible to establish all practices.  This includes locating the site for the practice along with the date and time.  The league is responsible to establish all games which includes time/location.  CYB schedules 1-2 games a week.  If there are certain days you cannot play, please let us know.

Expenses incurred could involve practice lights and equipment not supplied by the league.


Requirements:  All coaches are required to go through a background check (requirement from the City of Chandler).  This is completed by an outside company called Crimshield.  Background checks are required annually for all volunteers.

To become a coach you will need to fill out our coach application (you must be 21 years of age to become a head coach).  Even if you coached in the past you will need to fill out an application. 

The application to become a coach is located on our volunteer page.  To access it you will need to enter your login ID and birthdate.  If you do not have a login, please process to request an ID.

·         Click "Personal Information" on the menu, enter or update any of the items and click "Update Information".

·         Click "Coaching Application" on the menu, enter the information and click "Submit New Application".


Once the application is submitted you will be contacted by a Chandler Youth Baseball Division Coordinator.  (Click here to register). 

·         To access the background check, click "Apply for CrimShield" on the menu.

·         Fill out the required information and submit it for certification.

·         Supply a picture for your badge, print the page, have it notarized and mail it in.


Assistant Coaches:  Assistant Coaches are required to follow the same process as above.  The number of coaches allowed varies by division.  Please see our league information page for rule details.

Assistant coaches should assist with team practices as well as oversee if the team is adhering to the bat rules.


Team Mom/Dad:  All team parents are welcomed.  A team parent is someone who could manage snacks for the teams after the end of a game; assist with practices or keeps score of the game or pitch count.  We encourage parents to get involve to assist their player’s team.  If you are interested in being a Team Parent, then please talk to the Head Coach of your child's team prior to the start of the season.


Thank you for volunteering! 

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