Celebrating our 50th year (1969-2019) in Chandler, Arizona
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Season Schedule - Spring 2023

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Games scheduled for Saturday, March 25
Division Game Time Field
Pee-wee Giant Snakes vs Yazzie 9:30 AM Arrowhead Northwest
Pee-wee River Dogs vs Vipers 9:30 AM Arrowhead Northwest
Shetland Strikers vs Tigers 9:45 AM Arrowhead Southwest
Shetland Venom vs River Bandits 10:45 AM Arrowhead Northwest
Pinto Pinto-meyer vs Arizona Heat 10:00 AM Arrowhead Northeast
Pinto Az Hustle vs Predators 11:30 AM Arrowhead Northeast
Pinto Diamondbacks vs Sidewinders 1:30 PM Arrowhead Southeast
Pinto Cobras vs Sidewinders 3:00 PM Arrowhead Southeast
Mustang Defenders vs Cobras 11:15 AM Arrowhead Southwest
Mustang Blue Heat vs Reapers 1:00 PM Arrowhead Southwest
Mustang Homers vs Venom 2:45 PM Arrowhead Southwest
Bronco Paladin vs Emeralds 12:15 PM Arrowhead Northwest
Bronco Bombers vs Mustang Banditos 1:15 PM Arrowhead Northeast
Bronco Serpents vs Emeralds 2:15 PM Arrowhead Northwest
Bronco Raiders vs Avengers 3:15 PM Arrowhead Northeast

Home team is 2nd team listed
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